There’s no place in the world that does a coffee like an Aussie and I’m proudly bias. Fly to any city around the world and see who’s opening the best coffee shops and it’s a guaranteed true blue coffee by drip Australian mate. So when you catch yourself in Sydney, head straight for the stellar brew at these places:

Bourke Street Bakery is an institution and rightly so. Not only are their breads contenders for the best in Sydney, their espresso is strong and is the right kinda kick you want after touching down on Aussie soil. You’ll be buzzing all day so make sure sip responsibly and bag a lamb, almond and harissa sausage roll on your way out. Head to the original café on Bourke Street in Surry Hills or other locations now scattered across the city.

Paramount Coffee Project is a newer kid on a seriously cool block on Commonwealth Street in Surry Hills. The building has a boutique cinema and cocktail bar Golden Age downstairs and a rooftop gym on top. Not to mention it’s opposite Sydney stalwart Longrain and lines-for-days Chin Chin, both delicious South East Asian influenced restaurants in their own right. Paramount’s coffee is made skilfully from espresso to cold brew, their food is delicious and interiors are slick.

Cold Drip Co. is the finest cold brew that has tasted my lips. The boutique small batch river of gold is sold at Carriageworks farmer’s markets on Sunday mornings, a great place to eat, shop and be merry. Buy a bottle or a few to take home and try the nitro amped cold brew for extra human strength. Sold ladies and gentlemen. Line right up.

The Grounds of Alexandra gets a honourable mention. The location is an Instagramers dream, but don’t let them put you off because the food is thoughtful, fresh and seriously well made and the coffee is a kick starter or end to a meal. Presentation is king in this place, down to all the little Australiana details. Luckily enough I was there to wish their in-house pig Kevin Bacon a final farewell before his retirement this year. Hopefully he’s in a better place now. Eek!

The Grounds of Alexandra, Sydney, Australia.

July 2018.

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